Friday, 9 September 2016

A Gastly Experience!

Mystery Monk collapsed in a heap in the armchair.

"Phew!  What a day!  What a day!"

The Abbot put down the heavy tome on early saints, which he was perusing and peered over the top of his glasses.

"Been busy?" he asked.

"Yes, so many jobs to do and then, just as I was in the middle of trying to sort food for the food bank AND get the paperwork up to date, this gastly creature appeared from nowhere!  It made me jump, I can tell you!"

The Abbot look perturbed.

"Oh dear! Have you had a bad day?  It is not like you to describe others in quite such direct terms.  Usually you see the best in everyone."

Mystery Monk just smiled.

"Well, was the person in need of a food parcel?  Maybe hunger and fear of being given tins of baked beans made them grumpy." reasoned the Abbot, "What did they say?"

"Well they didn't actually say anything.  They just appeared, hovering in front of me in a menacing sort of way. I was so surprised I kind of froze for a second.  Then I knew exactly what I had to do, so I lobbed an object at them." replied the young monk.

"Good heavens!" replied the stunned abbot, "I never thought I would hear you say something like that! I hope you didn't hit them!"

"No, my aim is not very good. I need to work on that. Fortunately my second shot was much better. Right on target.  Sorted that creature out, for sure."

"Oh no!" moaned the Abbot, "I do hope the press don't hear about that they would have a field day!"

Mystery Monk smiled..."Pokemon Go" and held out his phone to show the Abbot what a ghastly Gastly actually looked like.

"Reminds me of some of the more scary monks I met when I was younger!" observed the Abbot.

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